They Put The Headphones On. What They Do Next Is Nothing Short Of Astounding.

There’s a way music goes directly into our hearts that makes it not like anything else. It’s magic, or a mystery at least. And it turns out that it may have powers even beyond what we already knew.

A pair of headphones can be the doorway back to life for patients who don’t respond to medical treatment.

The power music has over us is mysterious.

Scientists are only beginning to understand how music can affect minds clouded by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Old memories awaken, including the memory of what it was like to be who you were before age and illness started stripping away layers of your identity.

Music can bring back the joy of being loved.

And the transformation is as wonderful for the people who care for these patients as it is for the patients themselves.

How can such a simple thing be so powerful?