Extremely positive 'bros' tried to help out a California beach town by handing out free masks
via Chad Goes Deep

Huntington Beach, California has a reputation for being one of the last bastions of conservatism in California.

The Orange County town also has a long-standing problem with white supremacists and made national news for staging an anti-mask rally in the early days of the coronavirus epidemic.

While public health shouldn't be something that people fight over, as with everything in America these days, masks have become a political issue.

A recent poll by Pew Research found that "Democrats and those who lean Democratic are more likely than Republicans and Republican leaners to say they personally wore a mask all or most of the time in the past month (76% vs. 53%)."

To help the people of Huntington Beach avoid contracting COVID-19, Orange County natives Chad Kroeger and JT Parr, hosts of the Chad Goes Deep podcast, showed up on the strand to hand out masks to the anti-maskers. They were greeted with scorn and a whole lot of fake science.

Solving the Mask Shortage in Huntington Beach www.youtube.com

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