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The United States has made some pretty great progress with the issue of climate change.

Between the recently announced Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Conference and the various clean energy subsidies that have been in place for years, there's a metaphorical Magic 8 Ball somewhere in the heartland saying "Outlook good."

Granted, we're also partly responsible for letting the situation get this bad in the first place...

GIF from "The Cabin in the Woods."

Despite these efforts, President Obama has still granted permission for Shell to continue drilling for oil in the Arctic.

On the bright side, Shell hasn't actually gone forward with their drilling plans.


But they still have permission, which means that that could change tomorrow. And their reasons for not risking the entire Arctic ecosystem and causing further damage to the planet is ... they don't think they'll make enough money right now to make it worth their while.

Shell and the Arctic right now, basically. GIF from "Alien 3."

So regardless of all our other efforts, the planet is still facing an inevitable disaster — unless we all come together and demand a change.

But don't take my word for it — here's award-winning actress and certified Earth hero Sigourney Weaver (are you sensing a theme?) to show you what's really going on and just how serious it is:

Join me and Sigourney and sign this petition to tell our world leaders that we demand climate action and a cleaner future.

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Right here:

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