The Kids Who Were Unfairly Sentenced By This Pennsylvania Judge Were Never The Same

Some helpful tips: 1. When it comes to authority figures who work with kids, "no-nonsense" and "tough love" are usually red flags that can actually equate to "power tripping" and "abuse."2. Private prisons, juvenile detention centers, and "therapeutic boarding schools" are also red flags. (Why in the world should it be profitable to lock people up? Can anyone explain that to me?) Here's is an example of what happens when you combine an unscrupulous "no-nonsense" judge and private detention centers. The result is simply despicable.

Mark Ciavarella Jr., the former judge you see in this trailer, was sentenced to 28 years in prison for taking $1 million in exchange for placing juveniles in privately run detention centers. Many of the kids did not have legal counsel, and the judge often heard their cases for less than five minutes. He isn't the only judge who did this, and there are others out there who are accepting kickbacks right now.