The bright Idea that's giving a worthy new purpose to something we usually throw away.

Remember when the most powerful typhoon ever to make landfall smashed into the Philippines and created a living hell for millions of people? It’s easy to forget if you don’t face the aftermath day after day. But it’s important to remember that those who were affected have been living through the darkest days of their lives. This amazing project is helping to change that by bringing a little light back to devastated communities like Tacloban.

Liter of Light started with solar bulbs made from not much more than plastic bottles, water, and glue. Those made a huge difference for people, but they still only worked during the daytime. Today, they’re installing upgraded bulbs fitted with basic electronics that store solar energy to light people’s homes at night. If you think this is as amazing as I do and are interested in helping out, you know what to do.