That one time somebody used an awkward party metaphor to show chemical interactions. Successfully.

When some elements combine or attempt to interact with each other, things ... ahem, happen.

Imagine if science were illustrated via a dance party and bar fight. That's pretty much how this goes. And it's amazing.

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I'll break this down for those of you on mobile devices, but you really, really should watch this clip when you get a chance. Combining catchy music with the video is priceless.

There are some chemical reactions that are just sad. Like when hydrogen and chloride are dancing and generally enjoying life.

And then zinc comes along and replaces hydrogen.

Which makes hydrogen very sad.

There are several others as well, but the one that really stuck with me is that you never, ever combine potassium and water. The reaction? Explosive.

Here's what it looks like when you drop a bit of actual potassium directly into actual water:

Image via GIFSoup.

So you're sitting there, wondering why the heck I asked you to look at this, right?

Because science, and education in science, is important to the survival of our species. If we could make science education as exciting as this, it's good for all humanity. And the planet. And everything on said planet.