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tiktok comedy


People are relating to this skit about intrusive thoughts.

TikTok has done plenty of things for the mental health community outside of annoying therapists with incessant pathologizing of benign human behaviors. One of the positive things the platform has done is to help push mental health awareness and normalization of mental illnesses.

Kris, who's goes by KallmeKris on TikTok, recently posted a new skit on her page about intrusive thoughts that explores what it would be like if people said their intrusive thoughts out loud. The video was hilarious and people in the comments were happy to share their own intrusive thoughts.

If you're unfamiliar with intrusive thoughts, they're these brief pop-up thoughts that oftentimes seem out of character and unrelated to whatever activity you're doing. In some cases they're related to the activity but the thought is something you'd never actually do, like tripping random children at a soccer game, just because.

If the thought of someone thinking about tripping children made you wince a bit, understand that it makes the person having the intrusive thought wince too. In the skit, which has racked up more than 4 million likes, Kris says her random intrusive thoughts out loud while hanging out with her "friend" and the friend's reaction is hilarious. The comments were full of people exclaiming they were happy to know they were normal and others answering Kris' call to comment with their weirdest intrusive thought.

Kris admitted in the comments that she feels less alone since reading the thousands of comments of people sharing their own thoughts. Check out the video below.


What are yours?🫢

Jary Patel and a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

Prankster Jary Patel has earned over 4.4 followers on TikTok for his funny man-on-the-street videos. But it looks as though he may have met his match in a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" spoof where he asked a random guy on the Santa Monica Pier in California the wrong question.

Patel offered the guy $10,000 if he could answer a trick question correctly.

"So your mom got four kids. North, South and East. What's the last one's name?" Patel asked while holding a stack of cash in his hand.


THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN…. 💀🤦‍♂️ wait until the end

The commenters on the video seem to be split on whether the video is real or just a comedy bit. A TikTok user named Geneva made a great point: "Should have asked for his ID."

If this is real, then maybe Patel asked him for his ID after "West" took the money. If he didn't, he may have gotten beat for 10 large by someone more clever than him.

Some people think the video is real because the second time Patel asks the question, "West" points to himself when he says, "West." "It really don't matter what his answer was. The second time he was asked he clearly pointed to himself, meaning he understood the question," Shi commented.

Regardless if the video is real or not it's pretty hilarious. What's more fun than getting to see the prankster get pranked?

via @mare_kell / TikTok

Great impressionists are able to transform into their subjects after finding a unique hook that brings them into the character. Recently, we shared how master impressionist and "SNL" alum Dana Carvey was able to figure out Joe Biden by imagining him at a town hall rally.

Our favorite Trump impersonator James Austin Johnson says he was able to dial in his version of the former president after mimicking his rambling rally performances.

Mary Elizabeth Kelly has earned over 14 million views on TikTok for mastering over a dozen impersonations of popular actors and actresses by figuring out their mouth movements. She calls this form of impersonating people "mouth acting."

Kelly is an actress who's appeared on "Master of None" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

It all started when she was watching "Pirates of the Caribbean."

"I'm a huge film and TV watcher and am always drawn to the mouth movements and idiosyncrasies of actors for my own study and for fun," she told the Shropshire Star. "I think I was watching 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' and noticed Johnny Depp's mouth movements were so much a part of his performance and after that I started noticing it in other actors and made a list.

"I love impersonating other actors and doing accents and such, so I thought it'd be fun to show all the actors who act with their mouths!" she added.

This led to a video of her mouth acting Jennifer Coolidge, Emma Stone, and Drew Barrymore that received over 1.2 million plays on Twitter.

What it would look like if Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, and Mark Ruffalo were stuck in traffic?


celebrities stuck in traffic 🚗 #impressions #celebrity #mouthacting #foryou #acting #comedy #celebs #SyncYourMiO #car #traffic

What would happen if Winona Ryder, Emma Stone, and Mandy Moore starred in their own cooking shows?


if these celebs had instagram cooking shows 😂 #impressions #mouthacting #comedy #cooking #celebrity #famous #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ

On "Star Wars" Day she ran through a list of characters from the films and proved she does a seriously funny Mark Hamill.


the 👄 acting of STAR WARS #starwars #maythe4thbewithyou #foryou #impressions #comedy #mouthacting #IFeelWeightless #ChipsGotTalent

What do your favorite stars look like ordering coffee?


Celebrity Coffee Orders (inspired by @matturday.night.live!) #fyp #impressions #snl #funny #mouthacting #comedy #ShowerWithMoxie #EnvisionGreatness

Before she made a name for herself through mouth acting, she did a video showing her amazing ability to do accents.


POV: we’re in a bar and you make the mistake of asking me where i’m from. ya never know what’ll come out! #fyp #EmilyinParis #accentchallenge #accent