7 secrets to raising awesome, functional teenagers.

One mom gets real about parenting teens.

I occasionally get asked by mothers of young children what the secret is to raising great teenagers.

My initial response is that I have absolutely no clue. My kids are who they are IN SPITE of having me as a mother. (The young moms don't find that answer too helpful.)

Really, the first thing that I will tell you is to disbelieve the myth that teenagers are sullen, angry creatures who slam doors and hate their parents. Some do that, but the overwhelming majority do not. Every one of my kids' friends are just as happy and fun as my kids are, so I know it's not just us.

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A teacher's message has gone viral after he let his student sleep in class — for the kindest reason.

Teachers spend time preparing lesson plans and trying to engage students in learning. The least a kid can do is stay awake in class, right?

But high school English teacher Monte Syrie sees things differently. In a Twitter thread, he explained why he didn't take it personally when his student Meg fell asleep — and why he didn't wake her up.

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When you think of teenagers, "grateful" is probably not the first word that comes to mind.

In fact, teenagers often have the opposite reputation — spoiled, entitled, and selfish. Fittingly, advice for parents of teenagers frequently focuses on how to deal with bad attitudes.

However, labeling all teens inherently ungrateful isn't totally accurate. Many teenagers actually do appreciate their parents’ hard work, whether it’s cooking, doing their laundry, or helping them study for next morning’s algebra test. Of course, it might be hard to see that gratitude, especially when teens are busy hanging out with friends, texting at the dinner table, or slamming the occasional bedroom door during a disagreement.

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Whirlpool Congrats Parents

Standing in a buzzing movie theater lobby, 21-year-old Ashley Kessler flips her phone around excitedly so I can see the screen.

There are pics on pics on pics capturing the two times she's already seen the film "Love, Simon" at advanced screenings. Her smiley, scruffy dad standing by her side proudly points out a photo of actor Nick Robinson, who stars in the lead role, at an event for the film's premiere. Clearly, they're big fans.

Tonight — March 16, the movie's official opening day — marks Kessler's third trip to experience Hollywood history in the making. "It’s really, really good," she says of the film, grinning.

Dozens of young people just like Kessler are crowded around us, anxiously waiting to see Simon Spier’s love story play out on the big screen. And I'm finally seeing with my own two eyes what all the fuss is about.

The gay hype, I've decided, is justified.

Author Becky Albertalli signs copies of "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda" in New York the night "Love, Simon" is released in theaters. Photo by Robbie Couch/Upworthy.

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