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fashion history


So. Much. Yes.

There are tons of mesmerizing fashion history videos online where women take viewers on a stylish adventure through Victorian gowns to flapper dresses to bell bottoms and beyond, just to showcase all the ways that women’s clothing has evolved.

But it’s been just as thrilling of a ride for men’s fashion, and Wisdom Kaye, dubbed “TikTok’s best dress guy” by Vogue, has a video to prove it.

In a video titled “High Fashion Time Travel,” the model-stylist-photographer ambitiously takes us on a style journey that begins all the way back to 10,000 BCE, aka the Paleolithic Era.

Granted, folks from the Paleolithic Era wish they could have worn such luxurious pieces, but his inspired designs still remarkably capture the essences of each time period while adding his own artistic flair.

Did we mention he even “travels” to the future? Watch below:

You might have noticed that after the 1900s, he gets very specific with which dates he’s representing (1954 vs the 1950s, for example). Perhaps this is to convey very particular, even fleeting trends that history was actually able to record. Which is certainly a nice touch, instead of applying a generic fashion identity to an entire time period. It’s almost like he’s really good at this?

With over 6 MILLION likes on Instagram alone, it feels safe to say that folks certainly think so.

“Can’t imagine the amount of time and effort you put into this🤯maaaaaad respect to you👏” one person wrote.

Another added, “the best thing my eyes have ever witnessed.”

It’s also interesting to see how, for both men and women, the 20th century forever changed the way we prioritize casual comfort (t-shirts FTW!) and how we continue to incorporate more diversity and experimentation with gender expression as a way to focus on self expression, and individuality. A special thanks to passionate folks like Kaye who can really convey our own ever evolving humanity through fashion.

By the way, there’s more eye candy where that came from. Kaye can seemingly make high fashion out of anything, from popular cartoon shows to comic characters to text fonts (yes, really), and will regularly take on fashion challenges prompted by his followers.

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