How Florida Single-Handedly Implemented The Worst Voter System In The Country

Has anyone heard much about Florida's voter purge? No? Well, that's understandable. It's not like Florida's been at the center of voter controversy in the recent past or anything.

How Florida Single-Handedly Implemented The Worst Voter System In The Country

Back in May, Florida Gov. Rick Scott released a prettycontroversial list of possible non-citizens to purge from the voting rolls. The trouble is, according to a ThinkProgress survey, these lists are "riddled with errors" — meaning Florida is trying to remove perfectly legitimate voters for no reason.

How many? A lot. The chart below breaks it down — the number on the upper right portion of each little county-by-county pie chart is the number of people that have erroneously been listed as non-citizens. It's pretty astonishing.

Everyone has heard stories of the strange and intense food cravings women get when pregnant. There's the pregnant woman who had to have dill pickles dipped in ice cream or the one who couldn't make it through the night without a bucket of a specific type of fried chicken.

Researchers have yet to lock down the exact reason why pregnant women have these seemingly unnatural cravings, but there are a few reasons that are often cited. Women who are pregnant experience heightened senses of smell and taste that can have a direct effect on their appetites.

Some researchers believe their bodies may be craving specific nutrients they need for a healthy pregnancy. Others have suggested that dietary requests at odd hours may be a way for a pregnant person to develop a supportive bond with their partner before the baby arrives.

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