She Painted Alongside Him For Years And Years. When She Died, Guess Who Got The Credit.

Women have been making art for centuries, but if you walked into a museum today, you'd never know that.

You know that movie "Big Eyes," starring Amy Adams playing Margaret Keane in a story about a male artist getting (or, in that case, taking) more credit than the lady artist?

That's not the first time that happened.

The 17th-century artist Judith Leyster worked at the same time as Frans Hals.

Their paintings were really similar, as you can see.

She was well-respected in her lifetime but disappeared into obscurity after her death.

But then something got people's attention. Seven of her paintings were wrongly attributed to Frans Hals...

...including this one...


Will I look at all paintings a little different now? Yeah.

If that's not blowing your mind, wait till you hear the part about the women in the sandwiches at 3:35.

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