New Disney ad will make you believe holiday magic still exists — even in troubling times
via Disney

Given the amount of attention being taken up by the global pandemic and recent election, it's easy to forget the holiday season is upon us. Although this season looks to be a lot different than previous years, a new ad from Disney shows the magic isn't completely gone.

Disney's 2020 Christmas ad tells the story of a woman named Lola who received a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy as a young girl. Sixty-five years later, she's able to share the vintage toy with her granddaughter who cuddles the plush mouse while making Christmas decorations.

As the years ago by, Lola's granddaughter becomes less interested in family holiday traditions. But one magical night she reminds her grandmother how important they are to her in the most beautiful way.

Grab a tissue.

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS | Disney Christmas Advert 2020 | Official Disney UK

The song playing behind the video is "Love Is A Compass" by 19-year-old British musician Griff.

"Right now, at this time, it feels very timely and people are going to watch it and crave to be together and want to be together," she told PA News Agency. "It's so important to give a message of hope and realize that we will all reconnect at some point. When I watched it I just loved it."

"Love Is A Compass" is available now with all proceeds going to Make-A-Wish.

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