Military Drones Are Lame. Marine Drones Are HOT.

While military drones havebeen used to aimlessly kill people for years, the technology behind them can be used forgood. If a Roomba can clean a room, why not get a robot to clean the ocean?

We've mucked up our environment pretty damn badly. Time we figure out a way to clean it up.


Enter several intrepid French industrial designers, who propose using drone technology to send out unmanned marine vehicles for two weeks at a time, scooping out the garbage from our oceans.

Here's hoping this leaps off the design page sooner than later. Our mother (earth) desperately needs it.

via Cosmic Toro / Instagram

There is no playbook for how to deal with someone going on a racist rant in public. But the way server Gennica Cochran handled a bigot demeaning a table of Asian customers is something we can all applaud.

She was working as a server at a Camel Valley restaurant near San Francisco when Michael Lofthouse, CEO of tech firm Solid8, began harassing an Asian family celebrating a birthday.

Lofthouse had been belligerent all night, changing his seat and repeatedly sending back food.

After going on an expletive-laden racist rant at the family for singing "Happy Birthday," Jordan Chan, pulled out his cellphone, began recording Lofthouse, asking him to, "Say that again."

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