Methinks The Anti-Gay Politician Doth Protest Too Much

Nobody cares that they're gay. Everybody cares that they were self-hating, gay-bashing jerks about it. Stop the hypocrisy and embrace who you are — it's better that way.

Obnoxious,Hypocritical Self-Loathing, party of 12:

  • Kicking things off, ahomophobic pastor turns out to be gay (SPOILER ALERT).
  • At 0:40, we learn is.
  • At 1:50, self-denialgoes international.
  • At 2:19, there's anabuse of power.
  • At 3:27, there's abuseof power, trust, and tithes.
  • At 4:39, I just wantthese guys to stop posting pictures of themselves!
  • Finally, at 5:44, aU.S. senator makes you never look at a men's bathroom stall the same way again.

Once the video is done, I go hug my mom and thank her for raisingme to always be true to myself. Share this video and do the same.

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