Men: If you ever wondered why a woman would be reluctant to accept your help, watch this.

Do me a favor: This scenario is going to feel tense the whole way through. But think about why that is.Warning: includes depictions of a situation that might be triggering to survivors of sexual assault, stalking, or harassment.

This video shows a utopia where a woman can do what she did with no problem, a place where men are always helpful and polite, and a woman is always safe. It does a good job of showing why women feel scared even when guys are trying to be helpful. Not all men are like the men in the video, and women know that, but a woman doesn't know a man's intentions when she first encounters them.

If you watched this video and kept thinking, "Why is she talking to them!? Why didn't she just call her mom!? Why did she let them give her a ride!?!?" the way you're feeling is how victim-blaming happens. She had no choice, really, but to accept help from these men. And if they hadn't been helpful, it would not have been her fault. Remember that.

It is safe to say that the wise words of Muhammad Ali stands the test of time. Widely considered to be the greatest heavyweight boxer the world has ever seen, the legacy of Ali extends far beyond his pugilistic endeavors. Throughout his career, he spoke out about racial issues and injustices. The brash Mohammed Ali (or who we once knew as Cassius Clay) was always on point with his charismatic rhetoric— despite being considered arrogant at times. Even so, he had a perspective that was difficult to argue with.

As a massive boxing fan—and a huge Ali fan—I have never seen him more calm and to the point then in this recently posted BBC video from 1971. Although Ali died in 2016, at 74 years old, his courage inside and outside the ring is legendary. In this excerpt, Ali explained to Michael Parkinson about how he used to ask his mother about white representation. Even though the interview is nearly 50 years old, it shows exactly how far we need to come as a country on the issues of racial inclusion and equality.

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