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Man turns punching bag into drum.

OK, now this is cool. A coach and author of the book "The Speed Bag Bible: The Ultimate Speed Bag Training Program," Alan Kahn put his skill on display in this unbelievable video. In the short clip, Kahn is talking to onlookers, presumably students at the gym, as he demonstrates how to make rhythmic noises on the speed bag. Now, that might not sound impressive, but it truly is. He shows how to hit the bag just right so it essentially sounds like a drum, and after a while of listening to the beat, you forget it's not a drum at all.

Kahn starts off punching the bag slowly to display how to get the bag to hit against the board that keeps it suspended in order to make the drum sound. It doesn't take long for him to speed up his precise hits before he adds in his other hand, alternating between the two. Before long, you can barely see Kahn's hands as he beats the bag in a way that makes a variety of beats that sound just like a drummer on a drum line for band. Quickly the bag and his hands become a blur almost bleeding into each other so that it's hard to tell which is which. How he doesn't punch himself in the face by moving that fast is anyone's guess.

The students and onlookers at the gym are mesmerized by the sound before they explode into cheers when he stops the bag from moving. I'm not sure if this guy is magic or not but that sure would explain how someone can accomplish this feat. It's clear that he knows exactly what he's doing, so purchasing his book would probably be a smart move if you're into speed bag training.

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Some cries for help can be hard to discern.

“I’m fine.”

How easily these two words slip from our mouths, often when nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, it feels safer to hide our true feelings, lest someone make a judgment or have a negative reaction. Other times, it’s a social rule instilled in childhood, perhaps even through punishment. Or maybe denying is the only way to combat overwhelm—if we ignore it all long enough, things will eventually get better anyway.

At the end of the day … it’s all about avoiding further pain, isn’t it?

But this denial can lead to even more suffering—not only emotionally, but physically as well. Everything from stiff muscles, to migraines, to digestive issues can stem from suppressing emotions.

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'Macho Man' Randy Savage during a 1992 appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show

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The 1992 interview with Arsenio Hall began with Hall joking that Save's "middle name is macho," and asking if he ever cried. If you're not familiar with professional wrestling in the 1980's and early 90's it was common for the biggest names of the day: Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, and, of course, Macho Man, to take on personas that often embodied what we might now call "toxic masculinity." Many of them were after all what they call "heels," in wrestling circles, aka the bad guys.

So, it was pretty surprising to see the downright deep and wholesome response Savage gave to Hall without hesitation.

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How breastfeeding actually works is seriously awe-inspiring

Let's take a moment to marvel at this miraculous process.

A viral video shows what's happening beneath the surface when a baby breastfeeds.

Let me start by saying I don't care whether you breastfeed or not. Everyone's circumstances are different, no one needs to explain why they did or didn't breastfeed their babies and we'd all be better off with far fewer judgments across the baby-feeding spectrum.

With that disclaimer out of the way, can we at least all agree that breastfeeding is freaking awesome?

I mean, the whole biological process of growing an entire human practically from scratch is mind-blowing all by itself. But the fact that our bodies then create food to feed that human, with a whole system for how and when that food gets made and released, is just so cool.

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