speed bag

Photo by Mike Cox on Unsplash

Man turns punching bag into drum.

OK, now this is cool. A coach and author of the book "The Speed Bag Bible: The Ultimate Speed Bag Training Program," Alan Kahn put his skill on display in this unbelievable video. In the short clip, Kahn is talking to onlookers, presumably students at the gym, as he demonstrates how to make rhythmic noises on the speed bag. Now, that might not sound impressive, but it truly is. He shows how to hit the bag just right so it essentially sounds like a drum, and after a while of listening to the beat, you forget it's not a drum at all.

Kahn starts off punching the bag slowly to display how to get the bag to hit against the board that keeps it suspended in order to make the drum sound. It doesn't take long for him to speed up his precise hits before he adds in his other hand, alternating between the two. Before long, you can barely see Kahn's hands as he beats the bag in a way that makes a variety of beats that sound just like a drummer on a drum line for band. Quickly the bag and his hands become a blur almost bleeding into each other so that it's hard to tell which is which. How he doesn't punch himself in the face by moving that fast is anyone's guess.

The students and onlookers at the gym are mesmerized by the sound before they explode into cheers when he stops the bag from moving. I'm not sure if this guy is magic or not but that sure would explain how someone can accomplish this feat. It's clear that he knows exactly what he's doing, so purchasing his book would probably be a smart move if you're into speed bag training.