Love Your Neighbor, Even If She's A Shark

I first heard about endangered sharks years ago but had no idea how bad things have gotten. Stop-you-in-your-tracks statistics (and cool animations) start at 2:00 and put the issue in perspective. Artists are doing great work to reverse major biases that many of us hold against a really important member of the coral reef community.

Love Your Neighbor, Even If She's A Shark

This article originally appeared on 9.29.15

"Just because you didn't do marriage well doesn't mean you can't do divorce fabulously."

That's something my mother-in-law said to me when her son and I were ending our young, impetuous, and ultimately-not-right-for-us marriage. It stuck with me through the years.

These sweet images from Brittany Peck's wedding have struck a chord with families across the Internet, and they seem to be getting that very same lesson about "doing divorce well" through to millions.

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