It's Now Illegal For You And Some Friends To Sing 'Joy To The World' At One State's Capitol

Moral Mondays in North Carolina are regular protests at the state capitol, with signs and banners singing and chanting to protest some of the really backward things the legislature has been passing there. Rather than allow this rather insidious form of democracy to persist, lawmakers set new rules ("imminent disturbance") that ban anyone from singing and chanting in a way that “disturbs” the daily business of the legislature. I can see the idea already spreading to states where out-of-control politicians are lusting after the “right” to shut us all up.Those who began this great nation and those who helped shaped it along the way are rolling in their graves right now. Or perhaps they’re breaking out the megaphones and lyrics as they descend on places that wish to silence the people, in groups of thousands of ghosts and spirits, haunting the demons trying to drown democracy.Sorry, that was a bit florid. I'm kinda passionate about this, as you can see...