In 2 minutes, 6 of the most amazing women from history you've never heard of

Hey, when find yourself heading into Awesome territory, do you want to waste time with what anyone else thinks? Didn't think so. These women either.Language warning: There's a thing these women gave none of. It starts with an "f" and ends with a "k," so if that word bothers you, you may not wanna watch this.

A mountain-climber, a musician, a pioneering computer programmer, a pilot, the inventor of the written novel, and a journalist. All brilliant. None of these dynamos seem to have cared much about what society expected of women. Each was driven to pursue her own passion. And wow, did she.

If the day finally comes when history books tell our real stories, it'll turn out that there've been women doing exceptional things without asking anyone's permission all along. While it is troubling to think how little credit these women have received so far — and who knows what kind of resistance they faced — it's still good to know that powerful women have always been with us, and always will be.

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