I Had No Idea What They Were Pouring Over Their Heads. Turns Out, It's Just As Awful As I Feared.

These young people are making a case against the United States of America. It's a serious one. And the facts speak for themselves.

Super heavy, right? But this video is actually based on an official document presented to the United Nations in 1951 with the same name: "We Charge Genocide." Created then by an organization called the Civil Rights Congress, it made the case that based on the U.N.'s own definition and horrifying data about lynching, police brutality, and overall systemic inequality, the U.S. was guilty of genocide. Plain and simple.

Well, many young people of color feel like the threats to their lives are just as serious and just as great today as they were 60 years ago. They are trying to start a conversation about it and are certainly off to a great start with this dramatic video. Their only ask of you? That you share it and tweet #WeChargeGenocide.

After seeing the video of the everyday hero who called out the racist rant of Kelly Anne Wolfe, we should all go out and purchase a bicycle if there is even a chance we could become as cool as this guy.

The unnamed citizen was riding his bike through the streets of Toronto and came across a group of people eager to get out their message that no one needs to wear a mask. When they handed him a "face mask exempt" card, he calmly ripped it up.

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