'I Can't Believe These Chicks Think We Should Take A Chance On Them' — Some Hollywood Finance Dude

As a sexism critic, I give this two thumbs down. I can count myself as a sexism critic, right? I don't know, but the important thing is, I wonder how many stellar movies I'm not getting to see because of the blatant double standards here.My special commentary on these figures...YELLOW: So almost 15% of the 400 top-grossing movies are directed by women. That's an awful ratio to begin with.GREEN: The number of movies directed by women plummets to about 4% in 2011 when you're looking at just the top 200 movies.PURPLE: And it absolutely tanks when you're looking at how many movies in the top 100 were directed by women.Hollywood bigwigs might want to shrug and say, "There just aren't as many female directors," but what's actually to blame is an inequity in financing for movies directed by women. They often don't get the support needed to become major commercial breakthroughs.

'I Can't Believe These Chicks Think We Should Take A Chance On Them' — Some Hollywood Finance Dude

"Most observers agree that the lack of movies directed by women isn’t necessarily due to a shortage of female directors. A vicious cycle of financing is the primary reason — studios and producers are hesitant to hand big budgets to female directors without proven track records. But if they can’t get funding, they can’t get a track record to begin with. There’s no doubt that good old-fashioned sexism also plays a large role here.” — Washington Post

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Seven years ago, Bill Murray shared a powerful story about the importance of art. The revelation came during a discussion at the National Gallery in London for the release of 2014's "The Monuments Men." The film is about a troop of soldiers on a mission to recover art stolen by the Nazis.

After his first time performing on stage in Chicago, Murray was so upset with himself that he contemplated taking his own life.

"I wasn't very good, and I remember my first experience, I was so bad I just walked out — out onto the street and just started walking," he said.

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