Here’s A Heartwarming Story From A Very Unexpected Place

After hearing that one of their frat brothers, a transgender female to male, was being denied coverage for top surgery by his college’s insurance plan, Emerson College’s Phi Alpha Tau fraternity took to the Interwebs to help pay for the surgery. The result was nothing short of inspiring: Not only did they raise 10 times their goal, but all the publicity also got the college’s insurance plan to clarify that it does indeed cover the procedure. Share this video and I'll bet that even more insurance companies will suddenly “clarify” their policies!

Here’s A Heartwarming Story From A Very Unexpected Place
@SubwayCreatures / Twitter

A man who uses a wheelchair fell onto the tracks in a New York City subway station on Wednesday afternoon. A CBS New York writer was at the scene of the incident and says that people rushed to save the man after they heard him "whimpering."

It's unclear why the man fell onto the tracks.

A brave rescuer risked his life by jumping on the tracks to get the man to safety knowing that the train would come barreling in at any second. The footage is even more dramatic because you can hear the station's PA system announce that the train is on its way.

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