He was fed up with his mom, so he tried an experiment. After it ended, he started sobbing.

If you've witnessed a loved one battle Alzheimer's, you know how helpless it can make you feel. But just exactly what are they going through?

Gates Foundation

As more people continue to be diagnosed and more families are put in care mode, anything we can do to better understand the disease is most welcome — even through an experiment like this.

While this video is a few years old, it's still accurate when it says more than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer's today. Globally, that number is 44 million, and it's expected to skyrocket to 76 million by 2030. Holy wow. I'd say we've got a big problem here.

So what can I do?

For starters, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America has great resources for people and families living with the disease. They can tell you all about the warning signs of Alzheimer's. And, while there is still no cure, they can show you what treatment looks like. You can also make a donation by clicking right here.