Using "gay" as a slur is something that most kids grow out of by the time they're old enough to know right from wrong.

"Yeah, no." — A baby. Image via Thinkstock.

Sadly, some folks never learn.

It's an epidemic that seems to run especially rampant among among pro athletes.

Oh, Kobe. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images.

For years, the script was pretty much always the same: Athlete makes homophobic comment, outcry ensues, athlete offers halfhearted apology and faces zero-to-minimal consequences.

That was the old script.

But now it's 2015.

And when Norwegian soccer player Simen Juklerod tried to insult an opponent by calling him "gay" during a recent match, he wasn't ignored, or tolerated, or slapped on the wrist.

The ref threw him out of the game. On the spot.


According to some accounts, this is the first time a player has been ejected from a professional soccer game for using a homophobic slur. Which is awesome. 'Cause it's about time.

Good change: It's good!