Unilever and the United Nations

In his music, Prince Ea is not one to shy away from the tough issues.

  • “Why do so many of us go to work when we don't need to?"
  • “Did you know that in 10 years, depression will be the leading cause of death?"
  • “Why does our nation build twice as many prisons as schools?"

And in this piece, it's no different.

  • "Sorry we left you with our mess of a planet."
  • "Sorry we listened to people who made excuses to do nothing."
  • "Sorry that we put profit above people and greed above need."

Why all of this deep talk?

Because he's paying attention to what's really happening in the world. In this poem, he takes a pretty brutal look at the future — until you hit 3:35, when he turns it all around.

That's right. He doesn't end there.

This man has a huge heart, with a love for humanity that drives him to always sing about hope as well as despair.

"You know what? Cut the beat. I'm not sorry. This future, I do not accept it. Because an error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. We can redirect this."

That's love.

Can't ask for more than that.