Guy's brutally honest breakup text goes viral as a reminder that 'ghosting' people isn't cool.
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All too often, people leave a date with no idea how the other person feels about them. If you're not into the other person, it can be stressful trying to gauge how they feel about the situation.

Should you go forward and have another date? Will it come across as presumptuous to let them down? If they're not into you either, will they make you feel stupid for laying out the reasons you don't want to go out again? Or is it leading someone on to stay mum about the lack of connection?

While there's no easy way to navigate letting a date down, avoiding these awkward conversations oftentimes results in the awful trend of ghosting, which leaves one person completely in the emotional lurch.

Since ghosting is so common, and it's rare to see healthy emotional rejection modeled online, Reddit user karmabandido's breakup text with his date quickly went viral for its honesty.

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This is the ideal example of how to let someone down easy, he was polite and respectful, didn't ghost her — but also didn't mince words about the lack of connection.

In return, she was able to reveal that she felt the same way and they were able to avoid further awkward interactions without ghosting or negging each other.

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