Eliminate secondhand vape smoke with this groundbreaking personal filter

PHILTER's cutting-edge technology provides odorless, stress-free vaping

Eliminate secondhand vape smoke with this groundbreaking personal filter

We've all experienced it at some point, haven't we? That unexpected cloud of secondhand vape smoke engulfs you while you mind your own business, walk down the street, or sit in a park. Whether you're the culprit behind the cloud or the unwilling participant breathing it in, the concerns about the potential health risks and societal implications of secondhand vape smoke are far too real. Even as vaping has been lauded as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, the impact on bystanders can be just as intrusive and potentially harmful.

Enter PHILTER, a company that has made it its mission to put an end to this all-too-familiar scenario. With a laser-focused dedication to bettering the lives of cannabis and nicotine users, PHILTER champions a future where vaping and a clean environment aren't mutually exclusive. Built on the foundation of innovation, this tech-savvy company has designed ground-breaking personal filters that eliminate secondhand smoke and enhance the overall vaping experience.

PHILTER’s Revolutionary Technology

Meet the PHREND and the POCKET, PHILTER's game-changing products that aim to transform the vaping experience for both smokers and bystanders. They aren't just personal filters but a statement, a commitment to change. And they're not your typical devices either. The PHREND and the POCKET come equipped with a wide range of innovative features, with everything from plant-based biodegradable filters to medical-grade silicone mouthpieces. And yes, they are designed to work seamlessly with your favorite smoking accessories.

But what sets the PHREND and the POCKET apart from the crowd are their unique abilities to provide a discreet, odorless, and stress-free vaping experience. Gone are the days of uncomfortable stares from bystanders as you exhale a cloud of smoke. With these revolutionary personal filters, your exhalations are practically invisible, leaving no trace of smell or visible smoke. Imagine taking a vape break at your office, home, or even public places without worrying about a lingering scent or offending others. That's not just smart smoking; that's considerate smoking. And with PHILTER, it's the new norm.


Let's take a closer look at the PHREND, the perfect companion for the professional smoker. This isn't your ordinary filter. It boasts an innovative, plant-based polymer filter that doesn't just vanish into thin air but decomposes in less than three years. That's a massive leap from the nearly one thousand years it takes for regular plastic to break down! Plus, with a newly designed mouthpiece for efficient exhales and a capacity of up to 500 exhales per filter, it's safe to say that the PHREND isn't just environmentally friendly; it's also a beast at handling those hefty vaping sessions.

Up to 500 Exhales per Filter!
Philter Labs Phrend Personal Air Filter
The Phrend
$34.99 at Philter Labs

But the PHREND's charm doesn't stop at its high-capacity, biodegradable filter. Its packaging is a marvel in its own right, too. Each PHREND product includes a sleeve made of biodegradable seed paper that, when planted, grows into a beautiful array of wildflowers. Not only does this innovative packaging reduce waste, but it also supports declining bee populations by providing them with a new pollen source. So with every PHREND you purchase, you're improving your vaping experience and contributing to a greener planet by supporting our buzzing friends. Now, that's what we call smoking responsibly.


Let's shift our spotlight to PHILTER's reigning champ, the crowd-pleasing POCKET. As PHILTER's bestseller, the POCKET is a compact powerhouse designed to revolutionize your vaping routine. But what makes it such a fan favorite? Apart from its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the POCKET includes an antimicrobial filtration phase. This little marvel captures and destroys bacteria and viruses with every exhale. That's not just smart – it's practically heroic, shielding those around you from a multitude of microorganisms that normally inhabit our mouths.

Available In More Colors!
Philter Labs Pocket Personal Air Filter
The Pocket
$17.99 at Philter Labs

But that's not all. The POCKET's biodegradable filter cartridge and 100% compostable packaging take its eco-friendliness to a whole new level. Made from plant-based polymers, the filter cartridge decomposes in less than three years, just like its PHREND counterpart. Add to that fully compostable packaging, and you've got a product that takes 'green' seriously. In a world where plastic is slowly choking our planet, the POCKET offers a breath of fresh air. Its commitment to reducing environmental impact while providing a top-tier vaping experience is commendable.

Get Yours Today

Eliminating secondhand smoke is crucial for the well-being of everyone around us. With PHILTER's revolutionary PHREND and POCKET filters, we now have the power to make this dream a reality. Their innovation doesn't stop at odorless, stress-free vaping experience; they're committed to greening the vaping industry, one biodegradable filter at a time. Now it's your turn to be part of this trailblazing movement. Visit philterlabs.com, grab a PHREND or a POCKET, and experience smokeless, stress-free vaping for yourself.

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