Do You Think It's Weird That People Pretend To Gobble Up Little Babies? Finally, Some Answers.

You know what parents and mystics have in common? Every day feels like a hallucination. If you wonder why your mom friends actually say sentences like "Please don't wipe your hands on the cat," Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg offers a window into their world. Parenthood is rough from minute to minute, but she offers a way to see it as a chance to connect with the bigness of the universe.At 3:45, Rabbi Ruttenberg offers a practical idea for stopping fights you're not going to win. At 8:00, we get a picture of what mystics might say about life with kids. And at 9:10, I learned that I'm not the only one who threatens to gobble up chubby little baby toes ... and that there's a spiritual reason for my cannibal impulse.