Dad has adorable imaginary beef with daughter's preschool teacher over her hair

He will not be out done!

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Dad has adorable imaginary hair beef with daughter's teacher

Dads are fully capable of all the things a mom can do and one dad is on a mission to assert his abilities in an imaginary beef he has with his daughter's preschool teacher. Jonathan Gregg posted a video explaining that he's been working really hard to be able to style his daughter's hair in ways that she likes.

In the caption he writes, "Sure, when I first started doing my daughter's hair, it was like a blind gorilla trying to style a coconut." But he goes on to say he's good at doing hard things, so when he sent his child to school with a "high pony waterfall," he was surprised when she came back with an asymmetrical French braid. Upon asking his daughter where the new hair style came from, she replied, "Ms. Yolanda."

That was all Gregg needed to know, "Ms. Yolanda, I didn't know you wanted problems okay. Don't start none won't be none but now we're here. So now, I gotta spend all weekend learning the fishtail, made popular by Elsa Queen of Arendelle because Ms. Yolanda apparently chose violence."

The imaginary rivalry didn't end there, before his daughter went on break he decided to tell her teacher about their beef. In an effort to make peace, Ms. Yolanda offered to give Gregg hair lessons but given the history, she could be trying to sabotage him. Commenters seem to be attempting to virtually hold him back.

"Nah...Miss Yolanda saw your masterpiece destroyed at recess and tried to fix it for you...she didn't mean to hurt your feelings.," one person writes.

"High pony waterfall would give me a hair stress headache if I wore it all day. Mrs. Yolanda's probably just helping your kiddo out," someone else says.


TLDR: DadHairDay™️ is about to level up and Ms. Yolanda won’t even know what hit her. • Sure when I first started doing my daughter’s hair, it was like a blind gorilla trying to style a coconut. But I’m good at doing hard things, and I’ll be damned if my kids ever for a moment think I’m not willing to learn a new thing. New York ain’t seen beef like me and Ms Yolanda got since Death Row hit the ‘95 Source Awards. • Help fund my beauty school education, scoop up this suuuuuper comfy @Rhone shirt via the link in my bio. #dadhairday #hairstyle #manicure #queenelsa #frozen #foreverforward #wheninrhone #parents #toddlers #kids #children #dads #dadlife #family #instadads #dadsofinstagram #fatherhood #parenthood #deathrowrecords #sourceawards #gotbeef

Other commenters were quick to pick sides to keep the rivalry going and the subsequent videos did not disappoint.

"Miss Yolanda will be asking for hair lessons from YOU come springtime fishtail braid season," a commenter jokes.

"I've got my Unbrush and hair ties in hand, sir. I'm ready to ride into battle. Let's go," one woman reveals.

New players have popped up in this beef and the series continues. The best part is, his daughter has no idea what's going on and that thousands of people are taking bets on who wins this hair braiding battle.


TLDR: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WHO CELEBRATE • OK that’s enough of that, time to get back to work. • #dadhairday #hair #parents #toddlers #kids #children #dads #dadlife #family #fatherhood #parenthood #christmas #merrychristmas

TLDR: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WHO CELEBRATE • OK that’s enough of that, time to get back to work. • #dadhairday #hair #parents #toddlers #kids #children #dads #dadlife #family #fatherhood #parenthood #christmas #merrychristmas

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