Stella Artois

This is Aisha Mkude.

She has three daughters and was excited to learn she was having a son. The birth went well and she was feeling great ... but then her baby got sick.

Why did her baby get sick?

There hadn't been enough water at the clinic when Aisha gave birth, so they had to wash her baby in water from a local river.

I'll say that again: There was no clean water to wash her newborn in.

A week later, Aisha went through the worst thing that can happen to a parent. Her story is incredibly sad, but it needs to be heard.

More than 1,400 children a day — that's one every minute — die from water-related diseases. In the time it took to watch this video, two children died. That's horrifying and unacceptable.

The silver lining? We know the solution for this, and it's pretty simple: access to clean water. For all.