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8 Fun Things To Do During The Holidays That Have Nothing To Do With Shopping

Many of us are concerned that the holidays have lost meaning and become all about retail therapy. Gift-giving is nice, but it's not everything. That's why people are shifting their focus to spending "time" during the holidays instead of just money.

8 Fun Things To Do During The Holidays That Have Nothing To Do With Shopping

Quicky Facts:

  • 51% of Americans shopped on Black Friday, and 46% shopped on Cyber Monday.
  • 45% plan to shop on Thanksgiving.
  • It's becoming increasingly common for shoppers to go into debt with "Black Friday" loans.
  • Costco, GameStop, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls are closing on Thanksgiving to give employees family time.

Here are some ways people are taking back their holidays!

Spend time in the great outdoors. Go to a cottage and appreciate nature.

Instead of buying tons of new clothes, clean out your closet and donate some of yours to charity.

Educate your palate at a wine tasting tour.

If you want something new, it doesn't have to be bought. Why not try a new recipe?

Volunteer for a place you feel passionate about, like a soup kitchen.

Take some "me" time. Pamper yourself by booking a massage.

Go all out on decorating.

Spend time hanging out with your best friend.

Well ... you gave it some thought but you're still totally hitting the shops?

Check out this video (especially at 1:52) to see how your level of happiness can change depending on "what" you buy.

Or you can just stay in and count all the money you're saving by skipping the mall.


Often, parents of children with special needs struggle to find Halloween costumes that will accommodate medical equipment or provide a proper fit. And figuring out how to make one? Yikes.

There's good news; shopDisney has added new ensembles to their already impressive line of adaptive play costumes. And from 8/30 - 9/26, there's a 20% off sale for all costume and costume accessory orders of $75+ with code Spooky.

When looking for the right costume, kids with unique needs have a lot of extra factors to consider: wheelchair wheels get tangled up in too-long material, feeding tubes could get twisted the wrong way, and children with sensory processing disorders struggle with the wrong kind of fabric, seams, or tags. There are a lot of different obstacles that can come between a kid and the ability to wear the costume of their choice, which is why it's so awesome that more and more companies are recognizing the need for inclusive creations that make it easy for everyone to enjoy the magic of make-believe.

Created with inclusivity in mind, the adaptive line is designed to discreetly accommodate tubes or wires from the front or the back, with lots of stretch, extra length and roomier cut, and self-stick fabric closures to make getting dressed hassle-free. The online shop provides details on sizing and breaks down the magical elements of each outfit and accessory, taking the guesswork out of selecting the perfect costume for the whole family.

Your child will be able to defeat Emperor Zurg in comfort with the Buzz Lightyear costume featuring a discreet flap opening at the front for easy tube access, with self-stick fabric closure. There is also an opening at the rear for wheelchair-friendly wear, and longer-length inseams to accommodate seated guests. To infinity and beyond!

An added bonus: many of the costumes offer a coordinating wheelchair cover set to add a major boost of fun. Kids can give their ride a total makeover—all covers are made to fit standard size chairs with 24" wheels—to transform it into anything from The Mandalorian's Razor Crest ship to Cinderella's Coach. Some options even come equipped with sounds and lights!

From babies to adults and adaptive to the group, shopDisney's expansive variety of Halloween costumes and accessories are inclusive of all.

Don't forget about your furry companions! Everyone loves to see a costumed pet trotting around, regardless of the occasion. You can literally dress your four-legged friend to look like Sven from Frozen, which might not sound like something you need in your life totally do. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

This year has been tough for everyone, so when a child gets that look of unfettered joy that comes from finally getting to wear the costume of their dreams, it's extra rewarding. Don't wait until the last minute to start looking for the right ensemble!

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