7 Reasons Mitt Romney Belongs On 'Arrested Development'

What can I say, I love "Arrested Development." I also love animated gifs. And in a can't-help-looking-at-car-crashes kind of way, I've been loving watching the Romney campaign the last few weeks. There's nothing better than putting together everything you love.

7 Reasons Mitt Romney Belongs On 'Arrested Development'

#1. Like George Bluth, Mitt Romney prefers to keep his money offshore and away from government regulation and taxation.

#2. Both Mitt Romney and Gob Bluth have spent significant portions of their careers working to maximize profits for themselves and their shareholders, often at the expense of workers and families.

#3. Like Lucille, Mitt Romney is tight-lipped with the press and likes to hold closed-door meetings to bash his own workers and other members of the freeloading 47%.

#4. Mitt Romney supports tax cuts for wealthy land developers like the Bluth Company and opposes government support for families who lost their homes in the mortgage crisis.

#5. Do you really expect the guy in the $6,000 suit to hold the elevator for some government-dependent moocher? Come on!

#6. Mitt Romney and Dr. Tobias Fünke are both loving, faithful family men whose devout religious beliefs keep them free from scandalous distractions.

#7. Mitt Romney and George Michael do the exact same thing at the end of every day.

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Oh, to be loved with this much enthusiasm! The sheer adoration on his face. What a lucky little sister.

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