Max Slavkin


Nothing Says Capitalism Like Waiting In Line To Get Screwed By People With More Money Than You

Camping in public places to demand important things like economic justice and equality is now mostly illegal in many places. But if there's, like, a REALLY good sale going on somewhere, then happy shopping! 


There's No Amount Of Pot You Could Smoke That Would Lead To This Big Of A Policy Reversal

Back in the 2008 presidential primary, then-Sen. Obama made an awful lotta sense talking about medical marijuana. In the last four years, however, despite statements like these, his Justice Department has escalated raids of dispensaries that were legal under state law. Now that both Colorado and Washington have voted to legalize marijuana, Obama is going to have to act, and we can only hope he listens to himself.  


I Thought Getting $4.5 Billion Would Feel A Lot Better Than This

On Nov. 15, BP (the people who brought you the massive 2010 Gulf oil spill) pleaded guilty to a host of charges and agreed to pay a $4.5 billion settlement to the government. Of course something is better than nothing, but how many more disasters are we waiting for before we stop building new pipelines and ruining our coastlines with oil rigs? 


INFOGRAPHIC: Why Transgender Awareness Week Is Even A Thing

You don't have to understand everything about the transgender community to be appalled by this.