There are so many things to love about this clip of the president talking to a group of Girl Scouts at the White House Science Fair. The girls are from the a troop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they used LEGOS to build a page-turning device for people with arthritis.

And, yes, they're only in kindergarten, and you can just tell these girls are going to grow up brilliantly.

Here are the best parts of the clip:

1. The Superman capes. Because #HeroStatus.

2. The president doesn't compliment them for being adorable or cute or pretty, and he doesn't even comment on the capes.

He's just interested in their work — not what they look like.

3. "It's a prototype."

4. The girls learned that the kind of brainstorming they did for their project is something that presidents do too.

They can do what presidents do!

5. Getting girls interested in science fields is important.

Women are leaving STEM careers at an alarming rate, so it's a big deal that the president stopped by to encourage them and show genuine interest in their work.

I couldn't agree more.

6. Group hug!

Watch the whole video here.

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