10 yr old scooter double backflip

10-year-old Tyler posted his amazing video on Instagram.

You know what they say, feel the fear and do it anyway. Even if that means doing a double backflip. As one kid showed us, the feeling you get afterwards is worth every bit of discomfort.

The 10-year-old scooter champion Tyler Hainey, aka @tylerhainey, encourages us to follow his "insane flipping journey" on Instagram, where we can regularly catch him learning new tricks. His skills are pretty insane.

Recently, Tyler posted that he "smashed the wall of fear down and smashed it to pieces!!!" along with a video of him effortlessly flying through the air in two perfect circles before sticking a landing at the top of the skate ramp.

As the the youngest person to land a single backflip at a mere age 7, you'd think this scooter prodigy would view this feat as a piece of cake. However, the tiny athlete wrote that the flip had been "haunting" him since a fall on his head. Clearly the accomplishment meant something important to him, evidenced by his near immediate reaction once he reached the top of the ramp.

Mouth agape, panting and in pure, delighted shock, Tyler yells "how did I just do that?!" A similar reaction I have when I complete my taxes early, though this is far more entertaining.

The Daily Mail reported that Tyler received a split chin needing five stitches while attempting to learn the impressive trick. But that didn't stop him from pursuing his dreams and honing his skills.

If there's something you've been wanting to do that takes you out of your comfort zone, just remember Tyler's ecstatic expression could be yours on the other side of those fears.

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