10 Women + 42 Bullets + 14 Hours = Something Beautiful

Every article of clothing, every piece of jewelry has a story. Most of the time we go through our days and our lives without ever knowing the story. And that's probably just fine by the companies that sell them.That's not the case here. You know how people always say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? What about when life gives you bullets, HIV, and poverty? Well, these amazing women took that and made way more than lemonade! Take a look at the story behind the beauty that they've created.

10 Women + 42 Bullets + 14 Hours = Something Beautiful

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These 10 stories made us happy this week because they feature amazing creativity, generosity, and one super-cute fish.

1. Diver befriends a fish with the cutest smile

Hawaiian underwater photographer Yuki Nakano befriended a friendly porcupine fish and now they hang out regularly.

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