When Frat Dudes Gather To Watch 2 Girls Make Out, They End Up ... Crying?

Under different circumstances, this frat party scene featuring two girls kissing would've crept into objectifying territory. Instead, it's a funny and succinct sign of the changing times. At 1:10, it gets hilariously profound.

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Male 1: Six beers, two shots and a Jager Bomb.

Male 2: I don't care.

Male 3: Check it out. Check it out. Lesbians, bro.

Male 2: Yes. Dude, they are so hot.

Male 1: Oh, yes.

Male 3: Those girls kissed.

Male 2: They're going all the way.

Male 3: Yo, this is more than just a hook up, bro. Their conversation is crazy intimate.

Male 2: Man, I got to record this, all right? My boys are never going to believe I saw two human beings connect on this level.

Male 3: Yo, you can tell they find each other attractive outside of the male standard for beauty.

Male 1: No way. They're meeting each other's families.

Male 2: Nice, dude. Everyone seems to be getting along.

Pink shirt: They're happy that their daughters are happy, bro.

Male 1: They just started dating, and they're already moving in together.

Male 2: Snap. One of their dads is going to co-sign the lease.

Pink shirt: Yo, he's so open-minded. It's so banging.

Male 1: Yo, that is a crazy commitment, but not as serious as...

All: Holy shit. Holy shit.

Male 1: Girl on girl matrimony.

Pink shirt: This is going on the Internet.

Male 2: Hash tag, shattering berries.

Male 3: Yo, dude, the club knows -- dude. Dude, they adopted, man.

Male 2: What? That little girl is mad blessed to have two strong women in her life.

Male 3: Yo, she's going to find out that gender roles are a relic of the patriarchy.

Male 1: You know, it's so sweet how they still find time for each other even after the kids.

Male 2: Because they're soul mates, dude. It's so hot.

Male 1: Damn. Their girl is ready to go to college. What?

Female 1: Study hard.

Male 1: It's like she was just born a few seconds ago.

Male 2: Oh, no. One of their moms passed away. It's a good thing she has a rock.

Male 3: Dude, she'll be strong enough for the both of them.

Male 1: Yo, look at all the grandchildren.

Male 2: Those are some proud ass matriarchs.

Male 1: Time has come full circle, bros.

Male 3: She will die as she lived, with love by her side.

Male 1: Dudes, there's a dead old lady in our frat house.

Male 3: Yo, we're so screwed.

Male 2: Yo, who's going to believe what happened?

Male 1: I got to go.

Male 3: Yo, if you liked that video and want to see more funny ass videos, click on me to subscribe.

Male 1: Dudes, I love you guys.

Male 2: Dude, no.

Male 3: You're super drunk.

Male 2: I feel you, man.

Male 3: We love you too, but you're like...

Male 1: I'm scared.

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Jun 19, 2014

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