What Part Of Birth Control Instructions Say, 'Please Consult Your Boss For Permission'?

I was thinking of reasons why birth control is so great, and perhaps my favorite one is: Every woman who chooses to use it has her own reasons.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say none of those reasons include because my boss said it's OK with his/her personal beliefs!

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Birth Control -- you've probably heard a lot about it lately.

Here's the good news:

- It's now available for free with no copays, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

- 99% of sexually active American women have used birth control at some point.

- 7 in 10 Americans believe that health insurance companies should be required to cover the full cost of birth control, just as they do for other preventive services.

- It enables us to complete our education, support ourselves financially, and plan our families and have children when we're ready.

- Many women use birth control for other health care reasons including treating endometriosis — a leading cause of infertility.

- And, access to "no-copay" birth control is just smart for everyone. For every dollar spent on family planning, taxpayers save nearly $6 in public money.

Now here's the not-so-good news.

- The Supreme Court is considering cases from bosses at two for-profit corporations who want to deny their employees access to birth control.

- If the court rules in their favor, it would mean that any boss could take away our insurance coverage for birth control — based on their own personal beliefs.

- The outcome of these cases could take away the coverage that already benefits 27 million women and the 47 million that will benefit when the law is fully implemented. And for some women, that means they will have to go back to paying out of pocket up to $600 a year.

If you agree that the decision to use birth control should be made between a woman and her doctor — and that NO employer should be able to take that right away, please visit www.PlannedParenthoodAction.org.

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This video is from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, one of the many organizations in the fight for a woman’s access to affordable birth control. If you agree with the message, you should definitely sign on to their petition. And even better? Sign up for health insurance at HealthCare.gov by the big March 31 deadline.

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Mar 24, 2014

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