The Little Girl's Toy That Thousands Of Grown-Ass Men Can't Wait To Play With

Jen Haro Curator:

Meet the extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony. Is a little girl's toy allowing thousands of young men to be their best selves?

Check out the highlights:
(0:36) Why are a bunch of bros his age into this show?  (0:48) Wait, Star Trek cameo?  (2:26) Whoa, mad respect, brony.  (3:20) Yes, I'm totally singing along with these dudes.

Want one? If you're a closet Brony or Pegasister (like me), there are discreet options: Pick 'em up incognito online. Double rainboom, y'all. Giddyup.

ORIGINAL: Official trailer for "Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony," co-produced by John De Lancie, of "Star Trek" fame. Brony phenomenon discovered in a story by Kai Ryssdal, "Grown men who can't wait to play with My Little Ponies," for Marketplace by American Public Media. Upworthy is a member of the Build-A-Bear Workshop affiliate network and may receive a percentage of sales directed from this link.

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