Married Dude Is Shocked Woman He Sexually Harassed Stands Up To Him, Takes Him Down, & Tapes It All

Here's how the woman described this interaction:

"I almost made it all the way to my office in peace this morning when I passed these two businessmen who loudly faux-whispered 'Minnesota chicks are HOT' at me. I wish I had the composure to remind them that some day we may be across from one another in a professional setting, and that this type of interaction makes it hard for me to feel like I would be treated with professionalism and respect. But in the meantime, he got my card and a brief conversation about why making those kinds of comments to women as they walk by make them uncomfortable."

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Man: She's hot.

Woman: Do you think it's okay to say chicks are hot as they walk by?

Man: Yeah.

Woman: Which one?

Man: That one. Would you say you're mad?

Woman: Yeah, I'm mad. When women are walking down the street, they're not walking by thinking "gee, I really give a shit what some strangers think about my appearance."

Man: Really?

Woman: Yeah, really. They just want to get to and fro.

Man: I would argue that.

Woman: What would be your argument?

Man: I think that would be completely misleading.

Woman: What would be your argument?

Man: You don't think women get dolled up and dressed up every day to look good?

Woman: We get dolled up and dressed good for our own reasons, not to get comments from strange men on the street.

Man: That's not true.

Woman: I would say yes. You think that women, the majority, want men to make comments to them? That they don't know?

Man: I'm surprised you're offended by that. That seems that then that person is insecure, if you think that it's a power dynamic.

Woman: No, it's actually a level of confidence to say "I don't get my self-worth from what strangers think about me."

Man: I never say anything, actually, that's why.

Woman: You never say anything, this is the first time you've ever...

Man: Yeah.

Woman: Well, good for you, that is a good habit for you to keep.

Man: It's just interesting that it happens to be you.

Woman: Well, I'm glad it was me.

Man: It was destiny.

Woman: I encourage you to check out the website and learn more.

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Original published Cards Against Harassment. Found on Right This Minute.

Jul 29, 2014

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