If We Want To Know Why Teens Drop Out Of School In Such Huge Numbers, Shouldn't We Just ... Ask 'Em?

In the U.S., we have this chronic problem of looking past the people who are affected the most by our country's greatest struggles, including the millions of young people we're losing to the high school dropout crisis. Here's an amazing project — and contest! — that's working to change that.

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There's a conversation happening about your future.

And you're not in it.

I'm the voice you won't hear, in the school board meeting.

Voice you won't hear on the news.

I'm the voice you won't hear in the national conversation about the high school dropout rate.

Until now.

No one will hire me.

I'm struggling to pay the rent.

I'm too far behind.

Nearly a million young Americans . . .

Drop out of high school, every year.

Every year.

Hear me.

Hear me.

Hear me.

Hear me.

What do you have to say?

What would it take to remix . . .

To remix . . .

Remix the conversation. Raise your voice.

Raise your hand.

Raise the rate.

Raise up.

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Original by The RaiseUp Project by Youth Speaks, which is based on this off-the-wall idea that young people should be part of the conversation about why young people leave high school without graduating. They're encouraging all 15- to 22-year-olds to submit an original poem or rap with their take on the dropout crisis in American high schools and ways we can raise the national graduation rate. No prior experience is necessary. The whole point is to highlight the most relevant perspectives on this issue, so they've created a simple guide to get people's creative wheels greased and turning.


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