Ellen, Katy Perry, And A Hockey Player Walk Into An Ad And Shatter A Ridiculous Argument

There are so many women around the world (and probably even in your own life) who need to hear this message. So if you agree with this video, why not share it with someone who could use these words today?

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Girls can't.

Sometimes you hear it, but more often, you feel it. Girls can't rock. Girls can't be strong. Girls can't check. Girls can't be funny. Girls can't rap.


Girls can't run the show. Girls can't dance crazy.

Yeah. Girls can.

My sport is ice hockey. Everybody told me that I couldn't do it. You have to just be courageous.

I was always told singers really should just sing. OK. Well, let's just challenge that whole notion.

I heard that girls couldn't rap, I rap. Girls couldn't own businesses, I own my own business.

I like it when people say you can't do something.

You know, I just learned that you have to be yourself.

Girls can't. Yes they can.

Come on, Cover Girls.


Be funny.

Be off-the-wall.


Be strong.

Run the show.

Make the world a little more easy, breezy, and beautiful.

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Original by CoverGirl.


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