Anyone Could Make This Mistake. The Fact It Happens All The Time Is Frightening.

Ray Flores Curator:

On average, what happens in this video occurs every 10 days. Let's try and make that number ZERO by making sure a lot of people see this video. If we can prevent just one person from making this mistake, it would be worth it, right?

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Cathy: I just pulled in at the store, I've just got to grab a few things and then we can go. Okay, bye.

Store Clerk: Hi, are you finding everything okay?

Cathy: Do you know where your sea salt is?

Store Clerk: Sea salt? I think it's over here.

Friend: Hi, Cathy [SP], how are you?

Cathy: Hey, good, how are you?

Friend: Good, I haven't seen you forever.

Cathy: I know it's been way too long.

Friend: What have you been up to?

Cathy: It's been crazy.

[baby crying in car]

[Smashing window]


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