An Avenger talks about the hell his mom went through back when women had no choices.

Don't make him angry. You won't like him when he's angry.

Mark Ruffalo, the man you may also know as the Incredible Hulk in "The Avengers," has a very personal story to tell. The 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade just passed. In that time, an unacceptably large number of laws have been enacted in states to roll the clock back. On the state level, over 200 laws limiting a woman's right to choose have been passed in just the last two years.

If you want to see a interactive map of all the ways women's rights are being limited, you can check it out here.

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When I was first asked to speak out on this issue, my immediate gut reaction was, "What do I have to say about this?" I'm a man, this is really a woman's issue. And I recalled a story that my mother had told me when I was a teenager about having to go and get an illegal abortion. For my teenage self, it was very startling that people would have to search out doctors at night miles and miles and miles away from their home in a closed-down doctor's office or motel room. I couldn't believe it and I was appalled by it and I saw the pain that it caused my mother.

I can't stand aside with two beautiful young girls of my own and accept that we're going to return to those days. It becomes kind of a moral issue about who you are, you know, and how you view the women in your life. There's a common sense and a wisdom and a decency in women that needs to be upheld and doesn't warrant being pushed back 30 years into the whole nightmare that brought about the abortion rights movement that we fought for, that we created laws around, that we codified into those laws. I just can't - as a man I can't - I see no wisdom in going backward.

Draw the line against laws that would take us back.


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This personal story was brought to you by Mark Ruffalo and The Center for Reproductive Rights.

Jan 23, 2014

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