An acting legend explains a problem. A hilarious comedian explains how to fix it — the American way.

Maz Ali Curator:

The Colorado River has been dammed (you could say “damned") so many times that it no longer flows all the way to the ocean. It's like a beat-up marathon runner who's collapsed before the finish line.

The good news: It's fixable. But not everyone agrees on how we should do that — like Will Ferrell and Robert Redford. Their debate is getting a little nasty — and a lot of funny.

The Colorado River plays a huge role in both our ecosystem and economy, and this crisis is very real. Whether you live along the river or not, believe me, you'd start to notice if it got worse.

So on July 25, show some love for Colorado River Day! It's an annual commemoration of the renaming of the river from the Grand to the Colorado — a fairly dull story, but it gives us as good a day as any to rally for water conservation.

Remember, this is NOT a political issue. People of every political leaning believe in and support this cause because it has a real impact on our lives. If you can't attend an event, who cares! We have the Internet! And you can still help raise awareness and build support to reconnect the Colorado River.

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Robert Redford: The Colorado River is one of the most loved and hardest-working rivers in the world, but we've overused it. Most years the river dries up, even before it reaches the sea. By adding just a small amount of water to the river's flow, we can help bring life back to the wetlands and marshes, in the Delta. So, please would you join me in, and find out how you can get involved?

Will Farrell: Hello there, I'm William Farrell. Recently we've been hearing some talk of a little problem in the Colorado River Delta. We got ol' Sundance ridin' around, trying to raise the Colorado river and restore it's flow, and I say, do we really need more river?

I mean hell, we got plenty of ocean. Let's move it. Let's reconnect these things the old-fashioned way, the American Way. The way to fix this thing is to send money. So myself, and some other scientists, can begin the process of moving a small portion of the ocean back toward the wet part of the river -- from there to there. Now go to and send us your money.

Robert Redford: Hello Mr. Farrell, thank you for your attention, but let's keep the focus on the wetlands, and the wildlife, and the people of the Delta region.

Will Farrell: You're concerned about the migration patterns of the Rufous-sided Towhee? You know what I'm concerned about? Surfers. Specifically, American professional surfers. They suffer from a lack of adequate surfable coastline in North America, and are forced to travel great distances, to enter surf competitions, in places like Fiji, Hawaii, Brazil -- really far away. OK. We owe it to these fine men and women, to move the ocean a few hundred miles in, creating more beach, more waves. Hey Kelly, how would you feel about more ocean?

Kelly Slater: Yeah, sounds great. Love it.

Will Farrell: See, he'd love it.

Will Farrell and Kelly Slater: Move the ocean.

Kelly Slater:It was -- singing?

Will Farrell: I don't think they want it sang.

Will Farrell and Kelly Slater:

Robert Redford: Hello Mr. Farrell, I understand very well that you're one of America's most beloved entertainers, and you sure are in my book, and that's good -- good for you. That's why I'm sending you this message. Seek help, Will, soon. You need it.

I'm hoping for your health and so is America.

Will Farrell: Listen, Bob -- Robert, while I admire your passion for the earth and I loved you in Dances with the Wolves, when it comes to restoring the delta, you're out of your league, all right. You want people to listen to facts and science, and that's not what this is about. is a about a little something called American ingenuity and pull yourself up by your bootstrapedness.

The ocean is big, vast, maybe a little too big, for ol' Sundance. Is that what it is? You intimidated by little saltwater? Can't swim? Is that why you live high up there in the mountains? Huh? Huh, Bob, you a big mountain man? Are you tough? You like to grow a big beard in the winter time, and then shave it for the summer? Do you like to wear fringe leather jackets? Is that what you're all about? You can (beep) Robert Redford, you can eat a lot of it.

Robert Redford: Oh, god.

Look, whatever your position on this is, please join us in our effort to complete the rivers journey to its destination. It will take so little, and with your help, it can be done. Help reconnect the Colorado River. Text "Delta" to 52000, and donate $10 to the Delta Water Trust, today.

Will Farrell: Think about it. Four hundred miles of new oceanfront property, live-work space, tiki bars, high-rent condominiums. Send me money, instead.

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Original by Raise The River and Move The Ocean. To learn more about the crisis in the Colorado River Delta, see the film "Watershed," which was produced by the Redford Center and narrated by Robert Redford. And for some laughs and the occasional weaving of wisdom, follow Will Ferrell on Facebook.


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