An acting legend explains a problem. A hilarious comedian explains how to fix it — the American way.

The Colorado River has been dammed (you could say “damned") so many times that it no longer flows all the way to the ocean. It's like a beat-up marathon runner who's collapsed before the finish line. The good news: It's fixable. But not everyone agrees on how we should do that — like Will Ferrell and Robert Redford. Their debate is getting a little nasty — and a lot of funny.

The Colorado River plays a huge role in both our ecosystem and economy, and this crisis is very real. Whether you live along the river or not, believe me, you'd start to notice if it got worse.

So on July 25, show some love for Colorado River Day! It's an annual commemoration of the renaming of the river from the Grand to the Colorado — a fairly dull story, but it gives us as good a day as any to rally for water conservation.

Remember, this is NOT a political issue. People of every political leaning believe in and support this cause because it has a real impact on our lives. If you can't attend an event, who cares! We have the Internet! And you can still help raise awareness and build support to reconnect the Colorado River.