Um. Come again now?


Despite the obvious satire, the point should be depressingly obvious to anyone who's ever said that women aren't funny.

Some men are very funny.

Some women are also very funny.

Men and women both funny. Who'da thunk it? Turns out being funny has a lot more to do with what's going on in your brain than what chromosomes you have.

Shocking, I know. If you need to go home and digest this one for a little while, I completely understand.

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Daniel-Ryan Spaulding: Oh, hey! Hey, I really loved your comedy and normally, I hate male comedians.

I'm not sexist, I just don't think men are funny. Why do they talk so much about being a man? As soon as I see a man come on stage, I'll just go to the bathroom. Oh my God, I have a penis. What's the deal with masturbation? We get it, you're a man. Can you just do comedy? It's like every show there's always one obligatory male comedian, and they always suck. And they'll do these comedy nights where it's only men. Like what're you trying to prove? I like porn. Porn is cool. What's the deal with porn? And when they start talking about men's rights? I'm not going to automatically think a man is funny just because I'm a man. And if they talk about being unattractive or not getting laid, I just feel sorry for them. But you're different. You were really funny, like a woman.

Me and my penis, penis.

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All hail the great Daniel-Ryan Spaulding for this hilarious gut-check of a bit. Daniel-Ryan has an excellent YouTube channel and a Twitter account that provides a ton of information on his goings-on. This is also not the first time he's been on Upworthy. Thumbnail image posted to Flickr by Amnesty International UK. The photo of Chris Rock was uploaded to Wikipedia by user Stemoc. The photo of Tina Fey is by user Mingle Media TV. All are used under Creative Commons license.

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