A Guy Hung An Offensive Sign Around His Neck To Make A Solid Point. And … It Worked.

When we ignore the people around us who are struggling to get by, isn't it a lot like putting on the first sign this guy wears?

Warning: NSFW

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Morning. Can I give you some info? Morning sir. Take a leaflet? Leaflet, guys? Morning buddy, how are you? Would you like to take a leaflet . . .


. . . about the poor? Would you like to take a leaflet, mate?

What do you mean, "Fuck the poor?"

Fuck the poor. Fuck them!

That's disgusting. 

What's all this?

What do you think I should do?

Start to get a job, if you ain't got a place to live.

Well, I came from a poor country. [Inaudible 00:00:26]

They've hit rock bottom. There's a reason for that. 

You should be thinking of a better way to get them off the street . . .

The guy's cold down there, go ahead, give him a blanket.

Is this a joke?

[Inaudible 00:00:35]

I've been homeless for two years.

You've got no fucking heart.

No, I don't respect that, at all.

You're just standing there, like an idiot.

Do you not think it's too far?

That is offensive.

Get the fuck out of here. 

[people yelling]

Help the poor? Anyone got any spare change, folks? Help the poor. Help the poor, please, folks. Anybody? Thank you, sir. Cheers. Thank you very much.

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This video is made by the Pilion Trust, over in jolly old England.

Apr 08, 2014

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