2 Things To Know So You Aren't Accidentally A Terrible Bummer Around Black Folk

Before I knew any better, I made up a name for those slightly offensive comments about people of color I used to hear at the very white college I attended. I called it mini-racism because it's not quite to the point everyone agrees is racist, but it still may be. Not quite in a KKK uniform, but definitely at a Halloween party in blackface.

Those comments are actually called microaggressions, and they happen a lot — but more often when you're the only like you around (at the office, or a mostly white college you attend ... maybe). Have you said anything like the examples below?

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Marque Richardson: If you start a sentence with, "Not to be racist but.." well, you probably shouldn't have started that sentence. But if you did, here's how to finish, "Not to be racist but you make some great points, black person. I'll be on my way. Oh, and thank you for Michael Jackson."

For more on being a black face in a white place, subscribe to Dear White People and check out the film in theaters October 17.


Ashley Blaine Featherson: The stereotype about black people loving fried chicken comes from a scene in the KKK propaganda film "Birth of a Nation," but everybody loves fried chicken.

And did you know that in modern times, black people eat proportionately less watermelon than white people?

But, honestly, no black person has any clue what white people eat. Is that kale? Is kale still a thing?

Announcer: For more on being a black face in a white place, subscribe to Dear White People and check out the film in theaters Oct. 17.

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Jul 14, 2014

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